Change Issue Resolution and update the Quality Gate without Reanalysis

The ability to change the Issue Resolution (Won’t Fix and False Positive) to update the Quality Gate without re-running the analysis is requested. This is most notable for large projects that take considerable time to pass through the pipeline, or in organizations where raising a new release requires a special request, this would save time and reduce administration.

Can this be achieved with a change or is there currently a way to do this?

Hey there.

This is already how it works in all SonarQube versions since, if my memory serves me right, v7.0. We used to call it “live measures”, but most people I work with never know it worked any differently. :smiley:

Are you experiencing different behavior on a modern version of SonarQube?

Hello Colin,

Running a test of this on 9.4, the Quality Gate only showed as passed once the reanalysis was completed. Happy to reclassify this as an issue rather than a request if that is the case.