Quality gate remains Failed after manually set issues to Closed


I’m currently assessing SonarQube

I’m facing the following issue:
My test example is made to generate one bug and one vulnerability.
Both are detected by the tool and the initial quality gate status is therefore “Failed”.

I closed both manually by setting the issue to “Fixed” and the vulnerability to “Will not fix” from SonarQube UI.

If I refresh the project page I see that the bug and the vulnerability are considered gone, however the quality gate status is still Failed and consequently my CI pipeline fails.

I would have expected to be “Success” ?

Hey there.

SonarQube should tell you pretty explicitly which condition is failing. What does it say? Screenshots to demonstrate what you’re seeing are super helpful.

You also put this post in the SonarCloud category. Which tool are you using?

Hi Colin

Sorry yes you’re right, I did put this post in SonarCloud while I’m using SonarQube

Actually I retried this morning and the issue seems now gone…

Thanks anyway, I’ll come back if it pops in again

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