Quality Gate is not working

Hi ,
I have configured custom quality gate. According to my condition given in quality gate , the code analysis have to fail but it gets passed. Can anyone help ?

Hi @Darwin_Wilmut_J
It would be great to share some screenshots with the “unexpected” behaviour you mentioned
And version of SonarQube as well


Hi Carine ,
Thanks for the response. As per your request i have attached the screenshots.The sonarqube version that i am using is 9.2.4.


In quality gate, i have added conditions like blocker,critical issues etc. But after code analysis ,project get status as passed though it have blockers & critical issues in the code.


your screenshot shows the overall code metrics, whereas your quality gate has conditions
on new code.

With a quality gate like that, the first analysis will always be green - even with several issues,
because there is yet no baseline to compute new code.
If a quality gate consists of conditions on new code, only the computed new code is relevant.



Gilbert is right :slight_smile:
If you want to have criteria on the Overall code issues you mentioned, just go in your Quality Gate administration and you can add all metrics you want:

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 08.30.55

Hope this helps,


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