Unable to make a quality gate fail

I’m a SQ newbie, so this is probably user error.
SQ Version: Version 8.3.1 (build 34397) Enterprise Edition

I am simply trying to see an overall code quality gate fail for a single project. I have created a custom quality gate and created overall code conditions on it that this project’s scan is not passing, such as 100% coverage, A’s on Reliability and Security. I applied the quality gate to the project and viewed the overall code tab for it, but it is shown as passing.

I’ve read other posts similar to this topic but didn’t find anything that helped me realize what I am missing.

Here’s a few screen shots to show how I’m approaching this.

It looks like what I didn’t realize is that for the quality gate to be applied and updated in the SQ UI, another scan needs to run. After a recent run the quality gate is failing as expected.


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