Can't get quality gate to show failed

Upfront I realize there is another thread about this: Unable to make a quality gate fail - and I have read that thread and that is what makes me think there is something else happening in my case.

I have the same situation as was outline in the above mentioned thread - I cannot get a “overall code” scan to fail against a quality gate, and as outlined in the above thread, I have already run an updated scan (so I have the “Overall Code” scan and the “New Code” scan):



Quality Gate

Is there something else I am supposed to be doing or checking?



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Your Quality Gate only includes conditions on New Code. There are no Overall conditions in it, which is why your D Reliability Rating on Overall code isn’t causing the Quality Gate to fail.

When you add your new condition, make sure to toggle it to Overall Code:

So you get a section like this added to your list of conditions:


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Thank you!!!

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