Pull requests stuck at 'First analysis in progress'

We have a couple of repositories with all new pull requests stuck at ‘First analysis in progress’. This has caused delays in deployments since merging is blocked on pending SonarCloud scans. We had to disable SonarCloud scans on the repositories having issues, that way the code can be merged. I do not see any errors when clicking on the Pull requests in SonarCloud, I will see if I can upload screenshots of what I see. We need to have our PR scans back and working asap, thank you.

I’ve reached out via private message for some details

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Hey there.

We recently became aware of an issue impacting Automatic Analysis after a change was made to Automatic Analysis on Monday. You can read more about the change that was made (and the current workaround) here.

We are currently working to revert the change and will let you know when it is done.

Thank you for the notice of this, we look forward to this being resolved by your team. Is there any timeframe you can give for the fix?

The revert was done on Friday – please try analzying a new pull request or pushing a new commit to an existing pull request affected by the “first analysis in progress…” issue.

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