First analysis on new PRs not finishing

We have a number of projects with many open PRs. for the last few days automatic analysis on the PRs has not be working. In the PR list on SonarCloud, the PR show the message First Analysis in Progress and there is no PR decorator on the PR in Github. The PR summary screen in SonarCloud is blank and there is no corresponding background task.

We recently moved the scanner config from the ui to the repo by adding files to the repos. However on at least one of the projects, I can see from the scanner context on a successful background task that the new is being picked up and we’ve also seen this issue on a project that doesn’t have a So I don’t think it is related. But that’s the only significant change we’ve made to the setup recently

I can’t find any other errors or logs to indicate the source of the problem.

I’ve reached out via private message for some additional information.

Hey there.

We recently became aware of an issue impacting Automatic Analysis after a change was made to Automatic Analysis on Monday. You can read more about the change that was made (and the current workaround) here.

We are currently working to revert the change and will let you know when it is done.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for that information. The submodule links were not broken, I just hadn’t granted SonarCloud access to those repos. I’ve done that now and the automatic analysis is working again.



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