SonarCloud does not detect Github Pull Requests

Hi Sonar Community!

I just created a new Github repo and added it to my SonarCloud organization.
This is the project in Github: GitHub - LoaderB0T/concat-with-sourcemap: A simple tool to concatenate (or bundle) javascript files with their sourcemaps.
This is the project in SonarCloud: SonarCloud

I have Automatic Analysis enabled as per recommendation.

Sadly, I cannot see the Pull Request I created in SonarCloud. Only after I deleted the project in SonarCloud and re-added it the PR (“test”) was detected, shown, and analyzed.

After creating the next PR (“test2”, very original, I know :smiley: ) SonarCloud does not show it in the UI and does not run an analysis and therefore does not report back to Github.

Any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks for the help & best regards

EDIT: 3 minutes after posting the PR got detected… It just seems to be very slow? I pushed to the branch to re-trigger the analysis and 5 minutes later SonarCloud has still not started an analysis? Is this to be expected? I am used to SonarCloud being very fast in detecting changes.

EDIT 2: It took 20 minutes for the analysis to start… Is that normal?

Hello Janik and welcome to the Community!

We can sometimes have a slight delay in PR detection time during our peak hours. Sometimes the slowness can be also due to a longer wait to receive a webhook from GitHub. Sorry for this inconvenience, we will continue monitoring such cases. Reading your edits, it looks like that in the end your PR analysis was successful. Thank you for the feedback.


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