Analysis not working with Automatic Analysis & Github

We have a project with Automatic Analysis enabled and using the Github integration to also analyse Pull Requests raised against the project.

This has generally worked fine but for the past 2-3 days Pull Request analysis gets stuck in a “First analysis in progress” stage that never completes. Subsequently the Pull Request never receives information from SonarCloud about the analysis which means the PR remains blocked from that quality gate.

The only properties set in our file are:


These haven’t changed in a while and PR analysis was working fine until a few days ago.

In the same time period we’ve also seen analysis for the main branch is no longer triggered once changes are merged.

Has anything changed in the configuration required? Or is there a fault with our installation?

Hi @deborre , welcome to the community.

We had an incident last week, perhaps that can be related to the issue you faced.

Can you please confirm me if this issue is still there on your side ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mickaelcaro – Yes issues still persists.

Every new PR remains stuck in “First analysis in progress”
No branch analysis on the main branch triggered after merges since June 8th.

I’ve turned on/off Automatic Analysis, no change.

I am now trialling manual analysis again to see if that sheds any light on errors.

However I would definitely prefer to keep using Automatic Analysis.

Any way you can review the logs of our specific SonarCloud org?


Yes please give me some analysis ids that remains stuck, i’ll check on our logs.

@mickaelcaro can you please DM me so I don’t have to expose org information in the public thread?