Primary AAD account e-mail address changed, user no longer has access to SonarCloud

Our organization is moving to a new primary account domain (same AAD instance, different primary e-mail address). Users that have already been migrated have no problems accessing their Azure DevOps environment (eg. they kept all their access rights etc.) however they can no longer use their account to login to SonarCloud. Only after they connect their Azure DevOps account with SonarCloud again, and an admin adding them as a member to our organization are they able to access their analysis results again.

Since we have around 50 user that will all be migrated this is going to be an issue for us. Especially since I will have to manually add them to the proper groups as well.


Could you please send me privately the key of your organization and the list of users? We are going to check if we can mass-update the renaming of logins for you.


Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. I don’t think a mass update will work because we are not migrating everyone at once ourselves. We have had a few developers migrate already where we noticed the problem. But most of our users are still on the old e-mail domain.

Also, how do I send you a private message?

Ok, so mass update is not possible.

Do you know when users logged in SonarCloud for the last time before being migrated to the new domain? In theory account renaming should be automatic if user logged in at least once after 2019 Jan. 30th. That would deserve to be tested on your side.

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Well, that might be the problem then, these 2 users where I have observed this issue are both infrequent users of SonarCloud. So that is what might have happened. I’ll check to see if someone who uses it regularly experiences the same issue. Regarding the Message… if it were that easy I would have found it myself I think :wink:

When I click your name, I get this:

I have checked with users that have used SonarCloud more often and they don’t experience the same problem with the account migration. The user’s lack of interest in code quality after January 30th is the cause of the problem so it seems :wink:

I guess this bug can be closed now.

Thanks for the follow-up.