Login (Azure DevOps) warning it will migrate one mail address to the same email address, please advise


(Alexander de Goeij) #1

Hi! I am trying to login to my existing org, but I get a weird error trying to login using Azure DevOps.

My mail address is an Azure account, but I think I signed up using regular email, a login option which I can’t find now.

I get a warning / error when I try to login:

The email address abc123@domain.com is already associated to this user account:

Azure DevOps abc123@domain.com
By clicking on "Continue" you will associate this email address to another user account:

Azure DevOps abc123@domain.com
This means the following:
Your email address will be erased from the first account.
You will no longer receive email notifications from this account.
Issues won't be automatically assigned to this account anymore.

Yes it is saying the same correct mail address twice, I’m worried I loose access to my org, what is the solution here?

I cannot find a login using email or reset password option?



(Alexander de Goeij) #3

@NicoB Hi Nico! Do you maybe know someone who can help me get logged in?

(Colin Mueller) #4

Hey @aldegoeij-new10 ,

Please refrain from tagging individual SonarSourcers to get an answer sooner. Your situation is being researched and as soon as they are confident in an answer, they will revert to you. :slight_smile:



(Julien Lancelot) #5


Indeed, as Colin said, we’re investigating.

In the meantime, could you please elaborate what you mean by :

Because as far as I know, no login option have been removed.

Julien Lancelot

(Alexander de Goeij) #6

Sure! Didn’t see any reply’s so started prodding :sunglasses:

(Alexander de Goeij) #7

Hi Julian,

I don’t remember there being an Azure DevOps option when I created my account / org, I think it was just Microsoft Account back then (or just plain email if that ever existed)?

Can I PM you my email address or did you fuzzy find me yet :wink:

(Julien Lancelot) #8

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your answer, I’m still investigating how to fix this issue.
I’ll keep you up-to-date as soon as I’ve found the correct solution.

Julien Lancelot

(Julien Lancelot) #9


First, I need you to authenticate on SonarCloud, and click on the “Continue” button => it will create a new account, but your existing account will not be removed.

When it’s done, please ping us, and please do not use this new account.

Then, I’ll be able to fix your true account, then delete the new account, and everything will come back to normal :slight_smile:

So please tell me when you’ve clicked on the continue button.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Julien Lancelot

(Alexander de Goeij) #11

Hi Julian!

I clicked the magic ‘continue’ button, so I should now have a new account.

Can you do your magic? :sunglasses:


(Julien Lancelot) #12

Thanks @aldegoeij-new10, I’ll keep you updated when your account will be fixed.

(Julien Lancelot) #13

@aldegoeij-new10, you’re existing account has been fixed, you should be able to authenticate without any issue.