Cannot access my account on SonarCloud + Company projects after Azure AD was changed

At this moment I cannot access my account + my company projects due to the fact that my email adress was changed by our IT department.

The message I get is the following:

Is there any option that somebody can help me gain my access again?

My mail address changed on domain level -> it went from <user>@azure.<domain>.com to <user>@<domain>.com

Hi @AaronFaes and welcome to the community !

Unfortunately, we store only the email address on our side for the login, so this is kind of expected behavior you have here.

Were you the only administrator on this organization ? If yes, then we will have to see what we can do for you.
If no, then i suggest that you create an account, then an other admin will take care of adding you back in that organization.


Hi Mickaël

Thanks for the response. I am afraid that as far as I know I am the only admin (at least my colleagues tell me aren’t ;)).

So if you would be able to assist me, that would be very kind.


Any update on this?

Hi @AaronFaes

Sorry for getting back to you now only. I wanted to check with you that you’ve been able to resolve your issues related to switching emails.


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I am afraid it hasn’t… So it would be very kind of you could assist in the very near future.