Plan and Pricing


I am in paid plan right now 500k LOC, my next billing on july 19th. i have reached almost the limit now, is it possible to get 500k LOC newly on the month july 19th to august 19th?

Because in my account its showing LOC from october 2021, i cant get this how its calculating?

Hey there.

At any given time, your license limit refers to the total amount of code scanned in your organization (more specifically, the largest branch of each project). It is not a new amount granted each month. You can read more on our page about pricing.

Hi Colin,

I have checked the pricing page link, its not clear to understand so that am asking here, can you please explain in detail am not asking for new amount am asking for 500k Lines of Code, can i grant 500k lines of code next month? Already i have upgrade for 500k lines of code and i have reached the limit now, as per the Sonarcloud pricing plan each month i have grant for the lines of code as per the plan.

Hey there.

The Lines of Code limit occurs to the total Lines of Code analyzed in your organization at any given time. If you have reached the limit by upgrading your plan to 500k, you will need to choose a plan with more Lines of Code to analyze more.