Organization,portfolio and application

Can someone help me with understanding the difference between organization, portfolio and application?
In addition, please help me with the API endpoints to retrieve projects in an organization,portfolio and application


“Organization” is a vestigial artifact from the time before the SonarQube and SonarCloud code bases were split. It has since been purged from the SonarQube code base.

Both Applications and Portfolios are aggregations.

An Application is an aggregation of projects, and it takes the form of a synthetic project. The idea is that when a set of projects ships together, then if one project isn’t shippable (failing Quality Gate) then none of them are. An Application gives you an aggregate Quality Gate so you have one place to check the shipability of your project set.

A Portfolio can be made up of projects, Applications, and/or other portfolios. It’s intended to give a management/high level overview of a set of projects.


Thanks a lot for this detailed answer.

So i can say that organizations are not used in sonarqube and with paid versions i get access to portfolio and applications?


Happy to help.

Yes. To be clear, Applications are available in all paid versions. Portfolios start in Enterprise Edition.


Hello Ann,

Thanks a lot for the clarification