Applications view grouped by team

I’m using SonarQ 8.1 Enterpise version.
We have created a an application view that gathers the information of 7 different projects

this 7 projects are owned by different teams, so we would like to see an application view grouped also by team. I. e. I would like to see something similar to this but for the application view.
Is it possible to achieve it somehow?
Thank you

I’d anticipate that you can just hop over to the Projects tab to see the information by projct (assuming that each team only owns one project).

Otherwise, you would need to use Portfolios and sub-portfolios to aggregate / split up the information.

Heads-up: Applications are really meant to be used when it’s a group of projects that share the same development lifecycle (i.e. if one of them can’t ship, none of them can).

From the documentation on Applications:

Applications vs. Portfolios

Applications and Portfolios are both aggregations of projects, but they have different goals and therefore different presentations. A Portfolio is designed to be a very high-level, executive overview that shows how a package of projects that may only be tangentially related are doing quality-wise, and what the trends are. Applications allow you to see your set of projects as a larger, overall meta-project. For instance, because all the projects in an application ship together, if one of them isn’t releasable then none of them are, and an Application’s consolidated Quality Gate gives you an immediate summary of what must be fixed across all projects in order to allow you to release the set.

Do the 7 projects scattered across teams really meet the criteria to use an Application instead of a Portfolio?

Hi! thank you for your response.
Yes the 7 projects have the same life cycle but as they are maintained by different teams, we would like to have the visibility of the quality of the code also for the subset of projects that are maintained by one team.

Well, you’re probably interested in this feature request, FR-11 - Applications should support Sub-Applications!

Otherwise for now – nothing stops a project from being in multiple Applications – so you might create a separate one just for that team to view when you need to evaluate those metrics.