Project -> Application issues

I have the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube I’m trying to create the following:

  • A portfolio
  • An application within that portfolio
  • Populate that application with projects

Steps 1 and 2 are fine. I created the portfolio and the application, then added a local reference to the application within the portfolio.

Step 3 is the problem. I can add a project to the portfolio, but I can’t add a project to the application. When I navigate to the application’s Projects tab, the list has a search box, but nothing appears, and there’s no button or control to add a project to the application.

Am I missing something obvious in terms of adding projects to applications?


Welcome to the community!

Projects get added to applications via Administration. At the global level, it’s Administration->Configuration->Portfolios, then pick your Application and use the interface to select projects.

From the Application it’s Administration->Edit Definition.


P.S. Starting in 8.2, which comes out tomorrow that project/application-level menu item gets renamed from “Administration” to Project Settings or Application Settings.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out that my issues were authentication-related. We’re using the Azure AD auth plugin, and for whatever reason, even though I’m in a group that’s designated as a server admin, I need to pull up the project list and Restore Access to new projects to be able to handle this.

Okay! Thanks for sharing!