Notifications with same content and broken links

SonarQube Edition), Scanner, CVS Integration Snapshot 1.2

Hi there,

since update to SonarQube we are faced to repeating notifications with same content, even if the CVS Code line detection works properly and new code is detected correctly.

Furthermore, the links, which are in those mails lead to empty SonarQube-pages, where no issue is realy shown (It shows an info ilke “0 of 2 shown”).

Server was rebooted a lot of times, I even tried to delete index of ES (/data/es7), without getting rid of this effect.

I already enabled DEBUG-logging and could not find any further information in es.log or web.log, sonar.log.

Could some of you help me with this problem or know potentional reasons for it?

Many thanks and kind regards,

Hi David,

Welcome to the community!

Are you saying you receive duplicate emails?

Would you mind sharing some screenshots?


Hi Ann,

thank you for your fast feedback. I am happy to receive support from you. I have already read many of your posts here and was often able to find help in them. Thumbs up.

Of cause I can share some screenshots with with you.

We receive those mails with identical content after every scan. The second screenshot shows the result after clicking on der hyperlink in the notification mail.

If you need further information like logfiles etc. let me know!

Best Regards,


I’d like to split this and deal with the duplicate emails first.

So… many questions:

  • Does every user get 2 emails or only some
  • For a user that does get 2 emails, can you check the account & see if the account is associated with multiple email addresses?
  • And/or do both of the emails arrive at the same address?
  • Is it possible the duplication is happening at your SMTP server?