Getting wrong mail link


I am using sonarqube 7.7.

After setting up the email notification, the link that is getting generated in mail is not the correct one .
Eg: http://hostname:9000/project/issues?id=Insure_Cloud_10&createdAt=2019-06-12T09%3A42%3A23-0400

is being sent in the mail which gives the message unexpected empty source and no bugs and code smells.

How ever there are bugs when I see visit the UI properly. If I remove content starting from “createdAt” in the url then The link works.

I can not change the mailing template also, as its not possible in SQ. I assume.

Is it a bug? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Yes, this is a bug, and one that should go away in 7.8 (E.T.A. “soon”), since we’ve re-worked notifications and changed several of the email templates.


Thanks Ann for your confirmation. Appreciate it.