Receiving duplicate key notification: SQ-MyNewIssues

Hi, we have just upgraded to Enterprise 8.4. It all seemed to go smoothly but when I click on system now nothing is show but I receive the error Duplicate Key Notification: SQ-MyNewIssues. EM… Any ideas on where to look or what causes this? There is nothing in the log output that I can see.


To be clear, did you upgrade to 8.4 or 8.4.1?


Hi Ann,
From 8.3.1->8.4.1.


You’re seeing this in the UI? And if so, what shows up in your developer console? And/or anything interesting in the network tab?


Yip in the UI.
I receive the full error message in the console: Duplicate key notification.SQ-MyNewIssues.EmailNotificationChannel
It is a 400 error.

I have had a look in the DB and I can’t see any reason why I would receive a duplicate key error. The MyNewIssues.EmailNotificationChannel in the properties table has the following constraints:
And the table with the affected rows:

Hi @ganncamp,
Do you suggest that I delete the entries in the database?

Do you have any error in SonarQube logs ? in web.log or ce.log ?

There are no errors in any of the logs. I will change the log level to TRACE and see what I get.

@pierreguillot I changed to TRACE logs but I do not receive any errors. I only see normal select statements.

So just to be clear, where do you see this error showing up?

Hi Pierre,

Under Administration and then when I click on System the error shows up and the System information does not load.

Thank you for your help!

Hi, are there any news on this? We are getting the same error on version 8.5 (Community Edition).

Hi. Same problem with UI of SonarQube 8.5 Community Edition : with the admin account, On the menu “Administration” --> “System” I have nothing and on red it is written : “Duplicate key notification.ChangesOnMyIssue”
Thanks for your help

In database, I solved the problem by modifying the table named "properties in which doubles where notified linked to “Duplicate key notification.ChangesOnmyIssue”.
To be more precise, the api returned an error with duplicate key on “notification.ChangesOnMyIssue.EmailNotificationChannel”.
So I deleted double information on colomn named component_uuid and all blank information too.
After this, the error changed to notification.NewAlerts.EmailNotificationChannel, I do the same…
And now, all is ok.
Can you please make a patch to correct this seriously ?


This worked for me too.

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And BTW:

SONAR-14078 - Errors raised because of duplication of notification keys after upgrading to SonarQube 8.4+