Receiving duplicate key notification: SQ-MyNewIssues

Hi, we have just upgraded to Enterprise 8.4. It all seemed to go smoothly but when I click on system now nothing is show but I receive the error Duplicate Key Notification: SQ-MyNewIssues. EM… Any ideas on where to look or what causes this? There is nothing in the log output that I can see.


To be clear, did you upgrade to 8.4 or 8.4.1?


Hi Ann,
From 8.3.1->8.4.1.


You’re seeing this in the UI? And if so, what shows up in your developer console? And/or anything interesting in the network tab?


Yip in the UI.
I receive the full error message in the console: Duplicate key notification.SQ-MyNewIssues.EmailNotificationChannel
It is a 400 error.

I have had a look in the DB and I can’t see any reason why I would receive a duplicate key error. The MyNewIssues.EmailNotificationChannel in the properties table has the following constraints:
And the table with the affected rows:

Hi @ganncamp,
Do you suggest that I delete the entries in the database?

Do you have any error in SonarQube logs ? in web.log or ce.log ?

There are no errors in any of the logs. I will change the log level to TRACE and see what I get.

@pierreguillot I changed to TRACE logs but I do not receive any errors. I only see normal select statements.

So just to be clear, where do you see this error showing up?

Hi Pierre,

Under Administration and then when I click on System the error shows up and the System information does not load.

Thank you for your help!