Not all projects showing in Sonarcloud

I have weird problem with Sonarcloud where I cannot see all projects in our Organization. Under “My Projects” I see about 60 projects but we have around 100. The project I’m looking for is not among the 60 “My Projects” likely because it is not marked as favorite. If I use the search functionality at the top (next to "Explorer) it won’t find the project either. Only if I type in the URL to project manually I can access it. This sounds like a bug to me or how would I find non-favorite projects otherwise?

Hey there.

A few things

  • Yes, My Projects only shows the projects marked as favorite
  • The global search functionality searches by project name, not by project key. Maybe you’re searching by the latter?
  • You should be able to see all projects that belong to your organization (that you have permissions to browse) at and, if you’re an organization administrator, the org-level Administration > Projects management

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