Sonarcloud - Project key search only returns 1 project

I’ve assigned a project key, ie. ‘groupProject’ to multiple different projects, and when I try to search by this project key, I’m only returned 1 item.

I’ve checked the keys in both sonarcloud and azure devops, and they are correct, there seems to be an issue with how the search returns these items - for comparison, searching by project name works correctly.


Project keys are unique, so you probably did not assigned the same key to multiple project.

How are you searching for project? And why do you need to search for projects?
Which use case are you trying to cover here?


I set the project key in my azure devops pipeline.

I’m searching for the project in the sonarcloud search bar.

What im trying to do, is group a bunch of projects by a key, for example project a, b and c, all fall under the key ‘compliance’

I’m pretty sure you can’t assign one project key to multiple projects. Because analyzing project b after project a with the same project key would then overwrite the project a analysis.

One thing I could think of is creating multiple organizations? So organization “compliance” with project a, b and c and organization “whatever” with project d, e and f?

Ok, maybe that is the case - but I can definitely see the same key in multiple projects, even if its not intended to work like that.

Multiple organisations isnt really an option as we are using a paid plan for our current organisation.