Confused by Sonarqube and multiple git repositories

My project is multiple git repositories and I’ve configured a single project key in maven settings.xml and so I’m expecting to be able to analyze multiple repos with the same project key and see these under different projects (created by first scan) in SonarQube.

What I don’t want is to have to create separate projects each with their own distinct project key and token etc.

If I scan say N repositories with the same project key it seems like Sonarqube only nows the last one I scanned against this key.


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What you’re describing simply won’t work. Each new analysis of a project(key) replaces the previous one with new “current values”. Analysis is not additive.

It seems that what you’re after is an Application - an aggregation of projects which form a synthetic project. This is a commercial feature available starting in Developer Edition($).


Yes this is what I had thought. For now I vary the projectKey per repository so all is good.

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