Scans targeting same project appear as new repository - can this behavior be changed?

When I create an “project” in sonarqube, and I scan the codebase and send it into the project for analysis, and then the following day I scan the codebase again and send it into the same project for analysis, I see two separate analysis repositories. In other words, any comments or disposition that I’ve applied to findings in the initial scan do not carry over into the same issue in the subsequent scans. Can this behavior be changed so that all scans/analyses targeting a specific project go into a single repository so that if an issue is found in multiple scans we would retain any comments done to an issue in scan (n) when we review the analysis of scan (n + 1)?


It sounds like you’re passing a new sonar.projectKey value with each analysis. Maybe you could share your analysis configuration? (And/or some screenshots?)