Multiple projectKey per one repo


I am migrating to sonar-cloud from sonar-qube 8.5.1.

What we had on our sonar-qube server previously is mapping of one repo to the 3 sonar-qube projects.
Motivation: we have unit and system tests and we want collect and distinguish between the coverage we have for the unit tests/ for the system tests/ merge of the all tests.
It was done simply by maintaining different files in the same repo and providing different projectKey and projectNames.
In the sonar-qube, the behavior was different and once the projectKey is not present, the new project was created w/ this key on the server.
In the sonar-cloud, I don’t see the option to create a new project ( only export from the repo) and if I set the non-existing projectKey the new project is not created and data is not populated on the sonar-cloud server.

Can you please guide me, how to achieve the same behavior of the sonar-cloud.

Thanks in advance,
Katy Dayan

Hi Katy,

It sounds like what you are looking for is the SonarCloud monorepo feature (multiple projects in one repo)

This may help:

Thanks, I succeeded to create project for our mono-repo

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