Ap/project/Search not return all the projects seen in the portal

my python code to search and return provisioned project is not returning few project

my code snippet
def get_projects():
url = ‘https://sonarcloud.io/api/projects/search?organization=my-org
token = ‘’

session = requests.Session()
session.auth = token, ''
call = getattr(session, 'get')
proj_list = ''
    res = call(url)

    if res.status_code == 200:
        print("Sucessfully pulled Organisation level project search")
        proj_list =res.json()
        print ("Failed to get list"+ res.status_code)

    proj_list = json.dumps(proj_list, indent=4)
    with open("sonar_projects.json", "w") as outfile:

except Exception as Ex:
    print("failed to pull the project data")


Could this be due to paging ?

Hi @hkstKM,

This API is indeed subject to paging, and the default page size is 100.
Did you check out the API documentation?