The GET api/components/search by default returns 100 items. How can I return more?


Sonarqube version 6.7 LTS

I currently have 108 sonarqube projects.
When I run a curl command to list the projects, I only get 100 returned.

curl -s GET


How can I get all the projects to be listed?
I have tried to add the ps value set to 200, but that does nothing.
curl -s GET

Any help is appreciated.

I figured it out, using &pageSize=200 solved my problem.

For future readers, there is no way, for most webservices, to return all results. There is typically a limit of 500 items per page and 20 pages (making 10.000 items) that can be returned.

Why I keep getting same issues regardless of what pageIndex is?



Try with ps for the page size and p for the page.