Missing latest release of Analyzer for C# in the Marketplace

The latest release of sonar-dotnet on https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-dotnet is 8.15.
The latest release in the marketplace on https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties is 8.9.
Why the latest release implemented is not in the marketplace?

Hello Lucas,
From SonarQube 8.5 onwards, the languages analyzers developed at SonarSource are simply provided into the core of SonarQube. This part of effort referenced as MMF-2042
This guide “SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go?”
is also a nice read for getting more details about this change.


I see the following problem: If you upgrade to 8.5.x you will definitely pointed to the new situation, the server will not start because of existing/conflicting extension.
But you you stay on older versions including 8.4.x you will just not see the new versions of the plugin.
I think it would be helpful to provide the new versions in the marketplace for some additional time.

I have another concern with the new deployment, @Eric_Le_Goff:
Now it is not possible anymore to just update a plugin which is already build-in.
I need to update the SonarQube server to update a plugin.
It take me more effort to test a new server version than testing only the new plugin.
It should still be possible to update/overwrite build-in plugins.