How to force download of newest Roslyn analyzer in dotnet-sonarscanner

SonarAnalyzer.CSharp v8.32 was just released this morning with a fix for file-scoped namespaces, which are currently being flagged as false positives in all my projects since upgrading to .NET 6

Is there any way to force dotnet-sonarscanner (installed as a global tool) to get the newest version (currently 8.32) of the analyzer, so that all these false positives can be fixed?

Digging through the dotnet-sonarscanner code, it looks like it may be downloading the analyzer from the Sonar server, rather than directly from NuGet, in which case the better question would be “When will SonarCloud get the new v8.32 C# analyzer?”

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Analyzers are updated on SonarCloud few days after their proper release.

For this specific 8.32 version, it has been approved on our side so expect it to be live either today or tomorrow.



Hi Steve,

8.32 is now available on SonarCloud. Enjoy :slight_smile:


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