After installing SonarQube 8.7 Enterprise ~Version , I can't able see most of the plugins in Marketplace

Hello, Can you please help me with the mentioned issue?

  • I have recently upgraded the SonarQube server to 8.7 Enterprise with helm chart and official docker image sonarqube:8.7-enterprise but I can not see most of the plugins like kotlin,html-plugin,go, and many more.

  • I need a solution as our development pipeline has been stopped due to not having default plugins

  • I have upgraded it from 8.2 EE to 8.7 EE


Hi Jitendra, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Since the last few releases of SonarQube, the language analyzers maintained by SonarSource are no longer distributed as plugins, but rather are built into each SonarQube release. You won’t find anything in the marketplace. Rather I’d suggest that you use the Rules tab within SonarQube to confirm you see rules for each language as before.

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Thank you @Jeff_Zapotoczny.

So you are saying we don’t need the missing plugins from the marketplace anymore as everything covered by the Rules tab for each language as before?

Please find the screenshot attached as well.


Correct, and I think your screenshot establishes that fact well.

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