Not able to see all plugins on marketplace

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we are using SonarQube LTS 8.9 enterprise edition on the dev environment.
And on prod SonarQube LTS 7.9 enterprise edition.
I did see a lot of missing plugins on the dev environment. For example, it only shows 52 plugins, whereas the prod environment shows 92 total plugins.
e.g., I didn’t see the C# plugin on the dev environment.
Can anyone help me how to resolve this issue?

I saw this comment in the Readme.txt file.
so is it not provide any plugin?

Administrators can install additional plugins by downloading them manually and uploading them to this folder. You will need to restart SonarQube.

Note that you cannot install any plugins via the SonarQube UI, but you can still explore available plugins (Administration > Marketplace).

Please read: SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go? - SonarSource Updates / Guides - SonarSource Community

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Thank you, Felipe