Cannot see plugins in MarketPlace

I am running SonarQube (Community Edition).
If I go to Administration > Adminstration, and If I look for a plugin in the Plugins box, my plugin search always ends up with “0 shown”.

Is this because I am using Community Edition?!
How can I install plugins from the marketplace?


EDIT: I’ve check and this maybe something with my internet connection. I have some blocked web access. SO maybe that is why this is not working. But with internet connection this should work even for Community edition?


Yes, this should work for all editions.

The docs list which URLs the Marketplace needs access to.


Hi Team,

I am using sonar qube enterprise version 7.6 and i have internet access and verified the url’s market place is trying to connect. I have also configured the right proxy and port in sonar properties. I would want to install pmd, checkstyple plugins in sonar qube portal but it is not showing up in the search list under market place tab, i am not even seeing any errors in the logs. Please suggest.

Hi Team,

After using Sonarqube 6.7 version, i am able to view the checkstyle and pmd in the search list under marketplace. But while trying to install i get the below error. Please suggest.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to read plugin manifest from jar : D:\sonarqube-6.7.6\extensions\downloads\checkstyle-sonar-plugin-4.17.jar.



The Plugin Version Matrix clearly shows that Checkstyle and PMD aren’t compatible with the latest versions of SonarQube. That’s why you don’t see them in the Marketplace, and that incompatibility is the reason you get an error at startup when you install them anyway.