Marketplace unstable

I need as setup of SonarQube with specific plugins.
Therefore I installed the same (old) version of SonarQube (7.9.1) and tried to install the needed plugins via Marketplace.
To my surprise the latest versions are shown and when I click on install it shows me an error popover with the message no suitable plugin version could be found for my SonarQube version.

So I tried “latest is greatest” strategy and installed a recent version (
Again I was surprise: Plugins where shown in the marketplace but no install button is visible. Also they do not appear under installed or Updates only tab.

One of the plugins was Checkstyle. According to the website the latest version 10.2 is compatible with Version 9.0+ of SonarQube.

Checking the config on github I see this:


According to my math should be in the range [9.0,LATEST].

Could someone explain what is going on?
Is SonarQube plugin able designed without reproducibility and stability in mind?
My expectation is that if a Version of SonarQube X can install a plugin P with version Y then it should also be possible at any later point in time to reinstall SonarQube X and get Plugin P installed. Ideally I can still install version Y but in case version Y+Z would be installed (that is still compatible) I would already be very pleased.

Any insights on this and is my expectation wrong?

Kind regards

OK, so for the plugin installation in the latest version, I was stupid:
I missed the point that I now have to accept the risk of installing external plugins before I can see install buttons.
Still my question for older releases and downward compatibility remain.

Further, now that the required plugins are installed, SonarQube still failes when the according (existing) rules are loaded in the Quality profile generated by my plugin.
This used to work in older Versions of SonarQube.
Has something changed in an incompatible way in SonarQube 8 or 9 here?


Hi Joerg,

(Sorry about the accent; AmE keyboard :flushed: )

I suppose this is technically correct.

Each time marketplace data changes, we re-generate the metadata files, and what you see in the SonarQube Marketplace is based on the current metadata files. That’s why you see updated plugin versions as they become available for your version.

And speaking of versions, SonarQube 7.9.1 is well past EOL. And by “past EOL” we mean no support. Including in the Marketplace. Approximately 6m after the release of a new LTS, we remove the old one from the Marketplace metadata files. (Okay, theoretically that’s the timeline. It took longer this time.) Which is why you found an empty Marketplace when you spun up a sunsetted version. It will be this way for anything before 8.9, the current LTS.

That doesn’t mean the plugin providers have necessarily withdrawn those versions; you can probably still download and install them manually. If you need help finding the URLs, feel free to dig through the history of the metadata repo

Regarding the Devon4J plugin, I really can’t comment except to say that there were API changes in the early part of the 9-series.