Migrating to another Github Enterprise


We are using Github and need to migrate an organisation from one Enterprise to another to make use of the Github Enterpise Managed Users feature.

We have recently migrated an organisation from our old Github Enterprise to the new one along with all the repos inside it,

  • Migrated the organisation
  • Uninstalled the sonar app on the old organisation
  • Reinstalled the sonar app on the new organisation which successfully bound

However now we are currently seeing an issue where our projects in Sonarcloud aren’t picking up new PRs or branches

Could you offer us any advice on debugging this issue?

Hello Alex,

Thank you for reaching out. I will send you a DM to get more information about your issue.


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Hello @alexw_backbase,

Unfortunately, SC doesn’t support transferring organizations and repositories, we would like to add this feature to our product in the future.
The only way now is to delete and recreate repositories and I completely understand that it could be painful with a big amount of projects.


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