Github Organization Migrations; Checks no longer working


We are using SonarCloud to preform scans against our PRs, and everything has been working fine (showing up in the checks tab) up until this week when we migrated our repository to a new organization.

I have tried uninstalling the app on the github side, and then in SonarCloud, I re-linked the repository. Still, all PRs are without the SonarCloud check, but in SonarCloud itself, I can see the scan being preformed and completed.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @AlexJezior, welcome to our Community!

Could you please provide more information? If the project is public, the URL pointing to it at SonarCloud is enough. Otherwise, you can tell the analysis id form a single scan where the check fails.

How the project is scanned: Autoscan, GitHub Action, other? Can you double check the SONAR_TOKEN value (if is not Autoscan)? In a new organization i guess it should be different and must be updated.


Thanks for your response!

It is going to be a private repository that does get scanned via Autoscan. Wasn’t sure what other information I could provide, but I did find an option to delete the project specifically instead of the whole organization within sonarcloud. After giving that a go, and re-setting up the project, scans are now displaying in the checks tab of github again.

Thanks again!


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