Github actions check stopped working unexpectedly?


We are happily using Sonarcloud with Github, but we’ve been encountering a recurring problem the last two days that I can’t put my finger on.

We are using the, and we have a workflow that blocks merges unless the Sonar Quality Gate’s is green.

We have had several occurences where the analysis is triggered, runs well and is green, and even adds a comment to the Pull Request, but the CI check does not pass.

I would think of a misconfiguration of my part, but the PR comment makes me think that Sonarcloud has all the access it needs :confused:

Any idea on what I could try? For now, the workaround is for devs to ask a user with Github admin privileges to bypass the checks, as the SonarCloud PR comment is readily available, it’s not too much hassle, but still.

Here is a reference to a task if it helps :

The PR is on a private repo, but here is its URL :


This seems to be affecting us also, we’re using the Sonar Scanner CLI in Azure DevOps and the bot will post a message but isn’t setting the check anymore on the PR.


Thanks for the reports.
We have identified the issue and are working on a fix.
We’ll update this thread when it is available.



We’re facing the same issue.

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Is there a way we can identify whether we’re having the same issue? Something to look for in the logs? I’ve just tried setting up PR decorations with checks. While everything seems to be working fine, and we’re receiving comments in the PR, there is no check appearing.

Well, if the PR comments are working, you should have the check working as well when the issue is resolved. Not much else to check I can think of.

We are facing the same issue here in one of our repositories (private).

we are facing same issue here with GB, 40+ repos impacted and blocked =/, is there a link we can track the bugfix pls?

This is taking much longer than expected.

Also, when the fix is done, I hope there will be adequate tests to try to avoid such regression in the future. That’s the kind of thing we use sonar to verify on our applications.

Fix has just been deployed, it should work fine now! Can you please verify?


Seems to work here!

Thank you!

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working fine for us. thanks

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Working here too. Thank you!