Github Pull Request Decoration not showing


We’re trying to incorporate Pull Request Decorations with our Github account. We successfully have our Github app commenting on the pull request with the status of the scan, but the results don’t appear in the Checks section at the bottom of the PR.
So far I’ve:

  • created a Github app as per the [Sonarqube - Decoration Pull Requests] documentation and given it the correct permissions (though the documentation doesn’t mention which settings are required for the Event Subscriptions - I’ve assumed Pull Requests, and both Checks for good measure)
  • installed the app within the org and given it access to the correct repo
  • set the global Sonarqube settings using the Github API URL (
  • set the project settings to point to the Github app and Github repo (companyName/repoName)

Sonarqube is successfully scanning each pull request through our Buildkite build and will comment the scan results on the pull request, so I don’t think it’s a permissions or misconfiguration issue. If I turn off the Enable analysis summary under the GitHub Conversation tab option in the Project Settings for Sonarqube, it still successfully scans but there is no indicator of the results on the pull request.

Initially, I thought the issue was related to this recent similar issue, but it has since been resolved and my issue continues. We’re currently using Sonarqube 8.4.1

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Still having this issue.