GitHub pull request decoration doesn't work - how to debug

I am using SonarQube 8.3.1.
Our project is hosted on GitHub and we would like to set up pull request decoration.

The IT department set up everything that was required as per the documentation here:

When running a scan (we are using the MSBuild scanner, the one that is bundled with TeamCity 2020.1), i don’t see any “checks” showing up on GitHhub.

Is there any way to diagnose what’s going on? is this a configuration issue? something else?
It would be helpful to get logs or any other form of data that would point me in the right direction.

Also - what is the typical workflow that this is expected to work in? should i create a PR, then run a scan? what if i run multiple scans? does it update the information in the PR?

I have a similar issue, still waiting for some kind of response.
For logs, you can find them in Administration > System. I couldn’t find anything in my logs to indicate an issue though.

We are also facing issue while decorating PR. I have got SonarQube Developer edition trial license.
I have created an GitHub app as instructed in the document. I have also setup sonar project.
I am using maven plugin for sonar analysis.
But still I do not see anything under PR - Checks tab.

Any help be appreciated.
Thank you.

I was able to fix the issue, i simply had to follow the steps documented here:

These are required to get “pull request decoration” working.