Pull request decoration not showing in Github

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  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
  • what are you trying to achieve
    When I submit a PR, Jenkins builds that PR and runs a SonarQube Pull Request analysis for Java code via CLI, and SonarQube logs that the analysis and PR Decoration are successful, but there is no decoration in the PR in Github. I would like to be able to see the PR decoration in Github.
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this
    Created a Github app and completed global configuration in SonarQube to enable Pull Request Decoration, installed app on individual repositories and configured corresponding SonarQube projects.


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There are a number of possible causes of this. In the recently-released SonarQube 8.6 we check one of them for you: misconfiguration of your ALM values. Can you upgrade, double-check your settings and come back to us if this is still a problem? And if so, any errors/messages from the relevant background task would be helpful.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your response. We are planning to upgrade the version in a couple weeks. I’ll update the thread if the problem persists after doing that.