Changed GitHub org name and re-added organization binding, no longer receive github updates

Hello forum,

We update our GitHub organization’s name and stopped receiving the GitHub Actions for SonarCloud (on PRs), although it appears Sonarcloud is still performing the analysis. We tried removing the integration from GitHub and then re-adding it via Administration > “Bind this organization to GitHub” but that did not help. So far we were only able to get it working again if we delete the project in Sonarcloud and then re-link it, but that deletes all of the project (repo) history.

Is anyone aware of a fix for this? Perusing the forum it looks like a manual fix on the Sonarcloud side is required (Change GitHub organization name and reset the organization binding, but our project is still bound)

Thanks in advance

Hi Will,

Indeed, currently changing your Github org is not really well supported on SonarCloud.
Can you explain a bit more in detail what you mean by “update our GitHub organization’s name”? Did you create a new organization on GitHub side and moved your repo to this new Org? What’s your use case behind this move?

It’s indeed possible to fix it on our side with some manual operation, I’ll have to reach out to you privately to get some more information. How many projects have the issue?