GitHub organisation name changed, now invalid binding

As part of a rebrand of our organisation, we have also renamed our Github organisation name. Unfortunately, we did not find a function in Sonar’s administration that would allow us to change the binding. We then found the following thread: Change GitHub organization name and reset the organization binding, but our project is still bound. According to this, this change must be carried out manually by Sonar. We have already contacted Sonar via the contact form, but were referred to this forum. Who can help us?

Hey there.

This isn’t a trick question: What issues are you running into with the current binding (error message, functionality not working, links not working…)

For example, the SonarCloud cloud analysis no longer works, which means that all pull requests in GitHub are currently blocked. But this is not surprising - the binding is now invalid after the name change. We need help here urgently and at short notice.It is not very satisfactory that such things should be clarified via a public forum with such a time lag.

You should be able to uninstall the Github application from your organization, and then retrigger the binding process via the global Administration > Organization Settings.

“…This means you’d lose your history of that project in SonarCloud…” (see answer of your coworker in the thread I’ve mentioned) and that is something we would like to avoid.

That thread is about the project binding – as opposed to the organization binding. Rebinding the organization does not affect project history.