I renamed my GitHub organisation, how can I rebind?

So I renamed our GitHub organisation, the link in the Administration page says “This organization is bound”, but the binding is to the old GitHub name. How can I mend this? Creating a new org is the obvious solution, but I am afraid I will loose all project history that way. How can I bind my SonarCloud org to the new GitHub org name?


Hi Per,

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If you just want to change the name of your SonarCloud organization to match the one on GitHub side, you can do it in in the Administration > Organization Settings, and then change the name under “Name”. It’s currently manual but in the future we’d like to make that automatic :slight_smile:

Hope it helps

Thank you for this, I have renamed the org in SonarCloud, but the link to the GitHub organisation is still wrong. I have a strong suspicion this will cause me issues in the future.

Indeed, the link is not updated automatically, and this will be part of our future improvements.
Please do come back to us if you see issues.