I renamed my GitHub organisation, how can I rebind?


(Per Lejontand) #1

So I renamed our GitHub organisation, the link in the Administration page says “This organization is bound”, but the binding is to the old GitHub name. How can I mend this? Creating a new org is the obvious solution, but I am afraid I will loose all project history that way. How can I bind my SonarCloud org to the new GitHub org name?

(Aurélie Boiteux-Cabourdin) #2

Hi Per,

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

If you just want to change the name of your SonarCloud organization to match the one on GitHub side, you can do it in in the Administration > Organization Settings, and then change the name under “Name”. It’s currently manual but in the future we’d like to make that automatic :slight_smile:

Hope it helps

(Per Lejontand) #3

Thank you for this, I have renamed the org in SonarCloud, but the link to the GitHub organisation is still wrong. I have a strong suspicion this will cause me issues in the future.

(Aurélie Boiteux-Cabourdin) #4

Indeed, the link is not updated automatically, and this will be part of our future improvements.
Please do come back to us if you see issues.