After GitHub organization rename, summary comments are no longer added to a GitHub PR

Recently we renamed our GitHub organization. I initially faced problems with rebinding my SonarCloud organization to the new GitHub org.

That is now resolved, however now it seems that I have a similar problem for my existing projects.

Existing projects that were already added to SonarCloud before the GitHub organization rename are now (after the organization rename) linking to the old GitHub repo. See the screenshot below, notice the URL on the bottom. This should point to “OneWelcome · GitHub” instead of “”.

Due to this, SonarCloud is no longer adding a summary comment to a GitHub PR, even though we have the setting enabled (see screenshot below).

Hello @steinwelberg , i will take a look into your problem and check how can we proceed. Thanks for your patience!

I have found a workaround that allows me to fix it for individual repo’s. However, it is not a proper fix IMO as we have over 400 Git repo’s…

The workaround is to manually rename a project in GitHub. Apparently upon a rename SonarCloud does update it’s reference to a GitHub repository. If you rename a repo twice, once to a different name, and then back to the original name, then the summary comments start to work again.