SonarCloud binding to Github

Hello everyone,
We have an Organization with a paid plan in Sonarcloud which is binding to Github.
Now, we’re migrating to Github Enterprise Managed Users and therefore, we need to bind the Sonarcloud organization with the new Github organization.
When the migration is done, the old organization in Github will be delete.
Can we change the current organization to which sonarcloud is linked?
Otherwise, What should we do?

Thank you very much.

Hey there.

You can either uninstall the Github application on the existing organization (which will allow you to bind to a new organization in the organization-level Administraiton > Organization Management), or this will happen automatically when you delete the organization.

Will you be transferring your existing repositories to the new organization? I would recommend making sure that your new organization is successfully bound to your existing SonarCloud organization before deleting your old org entirely.

Thank you very much Colin. We already did the migration to Github Enterprise Managed Users.

  • We uninstall the Github App in our old organization.
  • Manually, we give access to our users in SonarCloud (Because we will lost our access when uninstall the app)
  • We installed the Github app in the new Github organization.

Thank you for your help!

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