Merge User Profile After Email Domain Change

I have both SonarCloud and SonarQube in my company

  • SonarCloud users sign in with SSO - Azure DevOps
  • SonarQube users sign in with SSO - Microsoft Account

My company has recently changed domain from .dk to .com
After domain changed, new user profile created associated with their new .com email address, when existing user sign in.
As a result, they lost access to their projects.

As the company administrator, how can i “merge” every of my user’s SonarCloud & SonarQube user profile?
My goal is so that after user sign in with SSO (associate with their new .com email address), they get access to everything as their old .dk account.

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I will contact you privately to dig this further


Hi Alex,
May I know if you got to fix this issue? If so, how?

Hi Tony - the issue wasn’t clarified, and so not fixed, as I did not hear back from Tristan on my private message

Hi Alex, ah ok coz Tristan and I are with the same team, having the problem. I can help you with the questions too :slight_smile: