GitHub Login - New domain on email address - email does not match

Our company has moved me from one domain to another, and have provided a new email address.

Logging in through GitHub I am now presented with the error:
Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page.
When we tried, here’s what the provider said:
Your email does not match the one we have on record:

Our admins are unable to resolve this in either program.

Hi Michael,

As I understand, you’re trying to sign in to SonarCloud using the same GitHub account you used before the email change? After your company changed your email address, it replaced the old email on your GitHub account. So that currently you have only one email address on your GitHub account?

Does this only affect you? Or any other coworker?

Hi Guillaume,

You are correct with your understanding.

at the moment, to my knowledge I am the only person affected. but the domain change is being slowly rolled out and in time I imagine other people will face the same issue.


A solution was applied for the login issue.
The user confirmed that they are now able to log back into Sonarcloud.

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