Domain Migration

Hi, we are running SQ 6.7.4 and we have been informed some users will be moving from domain A to domain B in the near future.
Both of these domains are currently configured and active for our SQ system, but I’m wondering if there will be any issues for these users accessing SQ after they are moved from one domain to the other.
I can probably assume the same user names will be used, but domain account info, display names, etc. may be different.

Thanks for any advice.

Hey Kara,

One of the big questions to ask will be whether the username stays the same so far as SonarQube is concerned – do your user’s SonarQube username contain the domain, such as DOMAIN\xyz1234 or

Usernames in SonarQube are not easily (and for now let’s just say, cannot be) changed, so this is important to know. If they are independent of the domain, and your users will only exist in the new domain, you shouldn’t have much trouble. SonarQube is refreshed by the data (e-mail, name, etc.) from an external auth system whenever a user logs in.

SonarQube will probably not have a good time is a username happens to exist in both domains (which user would Ldapsearch choose?)


Thank you! That helps me plan for the upcoming changes!