Different login and LDAP_default for few LDAP users


We are using Sonarqube 9.9.3 Developer edition deployed on a Windows Server 2016 server.

All our users authenticate into Sonarqube using LDAP. Long story short, we have a few users in Sonarqube with a different login than LDAP_default. This was due to a misconfiguration in their AD account that got fixed. Their LDAP_default in SQ is their SAM in AD, which they use when they log in into Sonarqube and works fine, but their “login” string is different due to the config issue we had. This causes issues when searching for issues assigned to these users; we must use the string in the “login” field and not LDAP_default. That “login” string is not standard and is causing the team to have searches issues.

I extracted the entire “users” table from the Sonarqube database and found that the users that have this issue have the field “login” different than “external_login”.

Could I simply modify the field “login” to reflect the same as “external_login” inside the Sonarqube database or will it mess up the user in Sonarqube ? I don’t know if that “login” field is used as a Primary Key in other tables. Last resort would be to delete the users that have this issue from Sonarqube so it resynchronize with AD on their next login, but I have not found a way in Sonarqube to delete an LDAP user, only to disable it.

Any thoughts on how to fix this ?

Thank you !

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Hi @spookyneo,

It’s possible to use POST api/users/update_login Web API endpoint to update the login of a user.
I don’t recommend changing it directly in the database as that might have some unintended consequences.


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