Users not showing up after login rename

Used Sonarqube verion: 9.5

We had a LDAP migration and the usernames changed. So I’ve changed the login/external_login and external_id to the new name.
But now the user doesn’t show up on the User Page.
It looks like it happens when I change the login.

Has anyone an idea how to proceed?

How did you change the usernames?

Directly in the database. It seems to be ok when i don’t change the login field

You should never directly modify the SonarQube database. It is a black-box and should be treated as such.

The proper Web API to update logins is POST api/users/update_login.

I would recommend reverting any changes you’ve made directly in the database, and use the Web API instead.

Thanks for the hint, I didnt find that endpoint :frowning:
It worked as expected

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