Users unable to login when LDAP password is changed

  • Enterprise version of SonarQube server 8.7.1 integrated with Active Directory
  • Login to SonarQube

After the user provisioning, users are able to login to SonarQube without any problems. However, after they change their LDAP password, they can no longer access SonarQube. I found only one way to resolve this problem - remove their account from the database and ask them to sign up again.

Any thoughts?

We have the same problem on 9.3. This is particularly bad for businesses which require password rotation…
How can we proceed here?

Looks like SQ community does not know …

Hello @armenak,

Welcome to the Sonar Community Forum! Thank you very much for reaching out and for creating this thread about your issue.

I would like to ask you if you could have a look and check the structure of that user’s entry in the users database table. Are there any columns populated with NULL?

For reference here is the schema of the users table:

Please mind that there is no need to share the data of that user’s entry in this thread, as a first step it would be enough to just verify which of the fields are populated and which are not.

Thank you again for taking the time to contribute to the Community!

Best regards,

Klaudio Sinani

Hello Klaudio,

Thank you for responding to my request. At this moment, all problems have been resolved manually by deleting and re-creating accounts, so I can’t answer your question. Will respond when next time we have an issue.

Would you suggest to look at particular columns when next time we see similar issue?