Manage child profiles as a diff view, so I can deactivate rules in an inherited profile

Yes, I know, this has been asked already, e.g. in the Google Groups. Let me explain what I need.

Sadly, my company does not always find certain rules compatible with what they do. (I would not like to discuss the details of that, because it’s a reoccurring problem.)

They would like to reduce maintenance effort on plugin upgrades for a given language. When the Sonar way of a language changes due to a plugin upgrade, I would like to:

  • Be able to deactivate certain rules from profiles inherited from the Sonar way (globally!).
  • Be able to review conveniently what rules have been removed/added/changed in the parent way, and take an appropriate action like, approve or make other actions like deactivating or changing the settings of a rule in the child profile. (If an inherited rule is deleted, I guess we will just accept it.)

In other words, I would like to manage child profiles as a diff view of the parent.

Thanks in advance.

(BTW, we use the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube.)

Why I opened this ticket when there are similar topics:

You can add my topic and use cases on your list as well. We are also running enterprise sonarqube.

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